it was a rainy night...

Sunday, August 28, 2005 kewl arh. okiez, i must be honest lah hor, i neber hear dis band be4, but i tell youz, i tink dey r damn zai i knoe dey r good if i neber hear before leh? wah, you ask me, a good question. so i will answer you hor.i knoe lor, dis kind of thing, i got sense wan. the force ah, in them, is damn a lot, damn steady!! my mudder, she alwaez tell me wan, 'ah ger ah, lim lau bu ka le kong ah, le ey 'sense' ah, must trust wan. since you baby, alwaez got good sense, got you know, what they call 'feeling' hor.' so now i tell you all hor, dis band, i got good feeling wan. you all ah, must trust susie poh. they rock lor, better than F4 wor!! dey like how kewl can!!! steady bom pee pee hor, i ask you, where got band in singapore ah, got the lead singer so kawaii nei wan?!kawaii not enough wor, she can oso sing. wwaaahhh, where got i ask you where got?? dunch have lor, i tell you, simply, dunch have wannn..den ah, wah lao ey, the guitarist, dont see him ah, so small so cute wor, he hor, his guitar skillz ah, wah lao ey! saat!
den da drummer, okiez lah, da drummer ah. he a bit weird weird wan, but hor, when he drum ah, my heart oso follow da beat wan lor..lub dub, lub dub..wah piang. almost peng san can! den da bassist, wah, you knoe lah, in all bands ah, da bassist is supposed to be the keewwllleessttt wan lah! supposed to be lah.

DEN. (haha, i knoe you all tink i finish liao but i havent, haha, so stoopid.) i ask you again ah, where got band in singapore ah, got charity wan..dis band not only got good sound, oso got good heart worzzzz!!! and hor, they lub animals wan leh..waahh dunch play play lor!!

so. i tell you all. you all dont see me, so crever, so interrigent. i knoe you all tink, i so kewl, so what ah now ah, i share wif you all, the secret of susie's saat-ness okai! my secret. is dat i listen to good musik. and dis band ah, is good musik. got good love.wah.can still ask for what. plus hor, listen to dem ah, free summore. better listen before you all must pay ah!! (i is singaporean ok! still cheapo ok)

so hor. those who miss out on dis band's first gig.
you all are losers.
cannot make it.
go and beat yourself.

okaizzzz..lub you all many many.
-muak muak-


At 7:50 PM, Blogger bornpissed said...

wah susie, you best lor! hokkien all come out wor.
page twel2ve rox! WOOT!

At 1:42 AM, Blogger bornpissed said...

acually, i tink the band is cool lor. i very enjoy da gig dat night wor! But den, it wud be better if their band name is page twel2vezz. you sae leh? hee!- chantel

At 9:26 AM, Blogger thegrOOve said...

embrace it..


At 11:18 AM, Blogger bornpissed said...

ooo! page. twel2vezzz is damn nice name leh! chantel! you so crever wor!


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